About Us


Founded in 1984 by Aydın Gün's knowledge in İstanbul that named AYDIN GÜN OFFICE-HOME DECORATION PRODUCTS COMPANY, works as GÜN ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION AND INSULATION COMPANY since 1997. Without compromising customer satisfaction, according to the needs of customers to provide quality service has become our principles.

GÜN ARCHITECTURE; with the idea that the best promotion of human, design and the viewpoint is progressing using the knowledge and creativity. Further to that, follow the latest developments and application of new materials, detailed analysis and ability the convert it design, bringing together a wide vision and knowledge, and design, as well as in practice, we catch the line.

GÜN ARCHITECTURE; never forget that, realization of the project will be happen with the customer's investment.

OUR CAPITAL: Honesty and Qualityz

GAIN: Your Friendship and Confidence